Leeanne Feely

Leanne Feely


Leanne Feely is a biologist with over 8 years of experience in natural resource management, ecological restoration, botanical surveys, and related environmental projects. Ms. Feely joined Nomad Ecology in 2021 and serves as a botanist. She contributes her expertise with the botanical resources of California to a range of services, including floristic surveys, rare plant inventories, and rare plant population monitoring. She also assists with post-fire monitoring, restoration monitoring, weed mapping, wetland delineations, and vegetation mapping efforts for various projects around the Bay Area. Ms. Feely is an experienced restoration biologist and has monitored restoration sites to determine if they meet success criteria, recommended adaptive management actions, overseen landscape contractors, and implemented maintenance including invasive weed control and irrigation.

Ms. Feely came to Nomad in 2021 after working for 6 years as a biologist supporting several of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s (SFPUC) Bioregional Habitat Restoration projects. She designed, implemented and led various adaptive management techniques to help ensure success of the restoration sites, including non-native invasive plant monitoring and management plans, native plant revegetation plans, and plant maintenance guidance. She also has a wealth of experience in implementing best management practices to avoid introduction of Phytophthora species in restoration and nursery environments and helped develop the testing program at the SFPUC’s Sunol Native Plant Nursery.

Ms. Feely earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and a Master of Science degree in Biology from San Francisco State University. For her thesis research she conducted a morphological survey of pollen exine diversity within the genus Linanthus (Polemoniaceae) using scanning electron microscopy, which sought to provide insight into species relationships and evolutionary history within the genus and family.