Jared Flint, wildlife biologist

Jared Flint

Wildlife Biologist

Jared Flint is a wildlife biologist with 3 years of experience working in California. He has experience handling a variety of wildlife, including listed species such as California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, salt marsh harvest mouse, Alameda whipsnake, Foothill yellow-legged frog and western pond turtle. Mr. Flint has experience conducting surveys and monitoring for the species above, as well as Ridgway’s rail, black rail, western burrowing owl, San Francisco dusky-footed woodrat, Swainson’s hawk, white-tailed kite, vernal pool fairy shrimp, American badger, and San Joaquin kit fox. He has also been agency approved to survey and monitor San Francisco garter snake, steelhead trout, pacific herring, and California freshwater shrimp.

Mr. Flint has experience working on a wide variety of projects as a consulting biologist across the greater Bay area. As a wildlife biologist working with private and public sector clients, Mr. Flint conducted protocol-level surveys, pre-construction surveys, nesting bird surveys, natural resource inventories, wildlife camera trapping, water quality monitoring, and construction monitoring.

Before his work as a consulting biologist, Mr. Flint served as a scientific aid with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at Suisun Marsh. In this role he conducted salt marsh harvest mouse and western pond turtle trapping and ground truthing for a vegetation mapping effort utilizing drone aerial imagery and artificial intelligence. He gained experience with wetland plant species and knowledge of different wetland habitat types.

Prior to his work for CDFW, Mr. Flint served as a natural resource/youth programs assistant with the National Park Service at John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, CA. He assisted with Alameda whipsnake trapping on Mount Wanda and was able to take data on the first population of Alameda whipsnakes found to occur in an olive orchard. Mr. Flint also led the phenology internship for local high school students and analyzed large datasets from Mount Wanda and the John Muir orchard for phenological trends.

Mr. Flint possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity from the University of California, Davis. During his time in school, Mr. Flint worked as a research assistant processing soil samples for a waterfowl food availability survey of Suisun Marsh. The survey aimed to establish which land management techniques yielded the most food for waterfowl.