Nomad Ecology Team
Christopher Thayer, Erin McDermott, and Heath Bartosh

History of Nomad Ecology

In July of 2004, Nomad humbly began in the Martinez garage of Heath Bartosh with the concept that a quality environmental consulting firm starts with a solid foundation of local field experience that drives expertise, and desire to pursue work that is focused on public utilities and public works sectors, as well as natural resource management for parks, open space, and conservation lands. This is a business approach we consider "development neutral" as we do not pursue large-scale development projects.

In 2007, looking to add more vegetation, restoration, and wetland expertise, Heath asked friend, colleague, and wholly dynamic individual Erin McDermott to join Nomad as a partner to help expand our services to a wider client base around the San Francisco Bay Area. It was through a shared botanical mentor, the late Christopher Thayer, that Heath and Erin became friends. Chris selflessly shared his rich knowledge of Bay Area botany with them, especially his home range — the East Bay – and is a big part of why Nomad’s floristic expertise is so well-regarded.

Building on a solid botanical footing, Heath and Erin began to look for accomplished wildlife biologists, with experience grounded in the Bay Area, to balance Nomad’s natural resource services. Today Nomad’s team of natural resource professionals assist our clients with a full suite of services based on innovative and science-based approach to biological resource compliance, management, monitoring, and research.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team!

If you are interested in a position with Nomad please submit a resume and cover letter to our web form on the Contact Us page.

Our Philosophy

At Nomad we take pride in providing the same level of expertise and quality products to all our clients whether they be private, public, or non-profit organizations. In this field preparedness, good communication, attention to detail, and quality products are the core objectives for every project we accept. Our expertise comes from our honest interest in our fields of study, not just as a profession but also what gets us outside when we are off the clock. We realize in the field of ecology we never stop learning. This continual learning is not only pursued in our respective disciplines but also knowing everyone we encounter has something to teach us. Open communication with our counterparts including, project managers, land stewards, regulatory agency staff, and construction personnel help us find ways to enhance our project goals.

Our business takes place in California, a place recognized as one of the world's biodiversity hot spots, represented by complex ecosystems and innumerable specialized habitats. Knowing and truly understanding these environments takes a lifetime of dedicated study. We encourage each other, and our staff, to embrace the idea that we must continually study California's natural resources. As most of our business is in the Bay Area, it is our priority area. Our goal for each employee is to develop Bay Area experts relevant to their specialty. Beyond the Bay, our encouragement for study is directed not only by client's needs but also driven by each individual staff person's interests and area of focus.