San Bruno Mountain, San Mateo County

San Bruno Mountain Pilot Grazing Project

The San Bruno Mountain Pilot Grazing Project involves grazing of cattle and the installation of cattle grazing infrastructure (fencing, water troughs, access etc.) in support of cattle grazing on County Park Lands. Grazing has been proposed at two locations within the San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan (SBMHCP) area as a tool for enhancing habitat for federally-endangered butterfly species. The proposed grazing areas are essential habitat for mission blue (Icaricia icarioides missionensis) and callippe silverspot butterflies (Speyeria callippe callippe) and have extensive presence of host plants for both species. These grassland habitats are threatened by scrub encroachment and overgrowth of non-native annual grasses.

Nomad conducted vegetation sampling and mapping following Manual of California Vegetation protocols, and conducted surveys for host plants. Five native host plant species were observed during the 2020 site visits including silver bush lupine (Lupinus albifrons subsp. collinus), varied lupine (Lupinus variicolor), western lupine (Lupinus formosus var. formosus), johnny jump-up (Viola pedunculata), and California plantain (Plantago erecta). A Biological Resources Assessment was prepared that provides an assessment of existing conditions, evaluates habitat suitability for special-status plant and wildlife species and sensitive natural communities, analyzes potential project impacts to biological resources, and provides recommendations for impact avoidance and minimization.

LOCATION: San Bruno Mountain, San Mateo County
CLIENT: County of San Mateo Parks

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