Gleason Beach Highway 1 Realignment Project

Gleason Beach Highway 1 Roadway Realignment Project

Caltrans is relocating a portion of Highway 1 near Gleason Beach in Sonoma County. Nomad conducted baseline surveys of the project area and potential conservation easement including vegetation mapping, rare plant surveys, and invasive weed mapping.

The project site includes habitat for Myrtle’s silverspot butterfly (Speyeria zerene myrtleae) including coastal terrace prairie, populations of the butterfly’s larval host plant, western dog violet (Viola adunca subsp. adunca), and nectar plant species. Nomad prepared a coastal terrace prairie enhancement plan that included details for enhancement of Myrtle’s silverspot butterfly habitat including planting western dog violet, increasing native cover of coastal terrace prairie, and planting nectar species.

Two rare plant species were present in the project area: short-leaved evax (Hesperevax sparsiflora var. brevifolia, CRPR 1B.2) and coastal bluff morning-glory (Calystegia purpurata subsp. saxicola, CRPR 1B.2). Nomad prepared a Rare Plant Restoration Plan to mitigate impacts to rare plants species including seed collection, plant salvage and transplanting, seeding, planting, monitoring, and reporting. Nomad collected seed of rare plant species to be amplified at a nursery and re-seeded on site. Some of the seed will be grown into container plantings.

Project Location: Between Bodega Bay and Jenner on Highway 1, Sonoma County
Client: Caltrans

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