Botanical Resource Surveys

At the request of Marin County Parks, Nomad conducted protocol-level surveys for sensitive botanical resources within the 167-acre Bowman Canyon study area in unincorporated Marin County, just west of the Mt. Burdell Open Space Preserve. These surveys targeted 11 special-status plant species determined to have the potential to occur within the study area, as well as any sensitive natural communities observed on site. All vegetation communities within the study area were visited and evaluated for their potential to support sensitive botanical resources. Surveys occurred between March and September of 2019.

All plant species in bloom, or otherwise recognizable, were identified to level necessary (floristic) to determine their regulatory status. A total of 7 sensitive natural communities were recorded within the study area, as well as 5 of the 11 special-status plants targeted. Nomad also identified 4 locally rare plant species within the study area, which are those considered to be at the outer limits of their known distribution, a rediscovery, or rare or uncommon in a local context, but not regarded as special-status by the USFWS or CDFW. In addition, San Francisco onion (Allium peninsulare var. franciscanum) was identified within the study area, which had not previously been collected in Marin County and was therefore considered a new county record.

LOCATION: Bowman Canyon, Marin County
CLIENT: Marin County Parks

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