Wilson and Nolan Property Baseline Condition Assessments and Reporting

Nomad has experience preparing baseline reports for TNC since 2010. One of these was an Easement Documentation Report for the Nolan Property. This property is located in the northern portion of the Western Diablo Range (Mount Hamilton Range), immediately south of Mount Hamilton and near Joseph D. Grant County Park. We also prepared a Resources Documentation Report for the Willson Property,which is located along the southeast border of Henry W. Coe State Park at the southern end of the Mt. Hamilton Range, north of State Highway 152.

The purpose of these reports was to provide baseline information on the location and condition of biological resources (e.g. vegetation, bodies of water, invasive plant species, and sensitive plant and wildlife species), and the location and condition of buildings and other infrastructure (e.g. fences, gates, man-made water sources and infrastructure) on the property. This information informs management decisions regarding on-site biological resources and protection of conservation values. Field data collection included vegetation rapid assessments, surveying for special-status plant and wildlife species, camera trapping, invasive species mapping, and mapping man-made features.

LOCATION: Mount Hamilton Range, Santa Clara County, California
CLIENT / RECIPIENT: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

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