East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy On-Call

Since 2011, Nomad has had an annual on-call contract with the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy. Under this contract Nomad has provided the Conservancy with a wide variety of services on the 14,000 acres they help manage with the Park District. These services have included annual surveys for special-status plant species that have conservation goals under the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Communities Conservation. To date, Nomad has been able to assist the Conservancy in achieving over 80 percent of its conservation goals for special-status plant species. Nomad conducts wetland inventories on acquired lands to help the Conservancy calculate wetland acres preserved which also has an acreage goal. Nomad botanists and GIS specialists also update the land cover type mapping based on field surveys evaluating on the ground conditions against initial coarse level mapping when the HCP was being developed. Our staff has also conducted long-term monitoring for several of the Conservancy’s restoration projects such as those on Souza II, Hess, Lentzner, and Horse Valley. Nomad wildlife biologists conducted an amphibian studies in ponds and wetlands throughout the preserve system, and conducted a burrowing owl population monitoring study.

In a staff extension capacity, Nomad has also worked with Conservancy staff to review permit applications (called Planning Survey Reports) for projects that will be covered by the HCP. These Planning Survey Reports summarize project impacts and fee payment based on impacts to specific habitat types. We also provide input on the value of potential land acquisitions; have secured several grants through the Local Assistance Grant Program for HCPs for studies including outdoor garden experiments for rare plant germination timing, bunchgrass mapping, amphibian surveys, western burrowing owl inventories, invasive weed control; and we have also provided preconstruction survey and construction monitoring assistance for projects related to grazing infrastructure improvements and work on access roads.

Location: Eastern Contra Costa County
Client: East Contra Costa Habitat Conservancy

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