Hess Creek Channel Restoration Monitoring

The East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy implemented the 5.22 acre Hess Creek Watershed Restoration Project to support the biological goals and objectives of the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan. The project included re-routing, stabilization, and enhancement of a 930 linear feet portion of the Hess Creek channel, and re-establishment of approximately 0.30 acre of seasonal wetland habitat and approximately 2.57 acres of riparian woodland and streamside habitats. Habitat establishment was primarily achieved through earthwork and planting of container plantings. Project construction was completed in February 2015. The project required permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Region, and California Department of Fish and Game. Balance Hydrologics completed the hydrology design and conducts hydrologic monitoring.

Nomad is completing 10 years of annual monitoring in compliance with the Mitigation and Monitoring Plan. Monitoring efforts include an assessment of plant health and vigor, natural recruitment, photo-documentation, invasive plant assessment, and assessment of channel stability and function. Nomad coordinates with Balance to address hydrologic issues on site including head cutting of the channel. Nomad prepares an annual monitoring report that includes monitoring results and adaptive management measures implemented each year and for submission to the regulatory agencies.

Location: East Contra Costa County, California
Client: East Contra Costa Habitat Conservancy

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