On-call Biological Consulting Services for Routine Management Activities

Nomad has held an On-Call Contract for Biological Monitoring of Routine Maintenance Projects for the East Bay Regional Park District since 2018. Under this contract, Nomad supports the regulatory permit needs for routine maintenance activities by conducting pre-construction surveys, compliance monitoring during construction, and long-term post-construction project reporting. These activities can take place anywhere in the District and multiple projects can be occurring at the same time. Pre-construction surveys include assessment of baseline vegetation conditions, surveys for rare plants, evaluation of erosion and invasive weed spread potential, and surveys for San Francisco dusky-footed woodrat, California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, Alameda whipsnake, western burrowing owl, and nesting birds, among others.

Since these projects include all Park District lands, Nomad has to be skilled with East Bay plant and wildlife species that occur throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Biological monitoring also occurs throughout a variety of East Bay habitats. Nomad completes daily reporting requirements that are driven by permit conditions and communicates these results at the end of each day. In some cases these projects operate on the hurry-up and wait schedule, and our staff are poised to show up on time and ready to work to minimize project impacts and train Park District staff on best management practices for avoiding impacts to sensitive species and habitats. In addition, we have assisted the Park District with CEQA related and post-fire monitoring deliverables.

Some of the challenges and complexities of this project are working quickly, efficiently, and accurately doing rare plant and vegetation surveys for numerous sites within Park District lands, as some of the project sites have access issues or are in difficult terrain. However, with timely communication between Nomad and Park District staff we have been able to overcome these issues and are able to meet the field survey and write-up schedules all while capturing potentially occurring species when they are in bloom. Other challenges arise from short notice monitoring requests, which we have been able to cover when needed. Additionally, CDFW approvals have been challenging and we have worked with them to get necessary approvals for Alameda whipsnake to increase our monitoring capacity.

Location: Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
Client: East Bay Regional Park District

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