Horse Valley Creek and Wetland Restoration Project

The 71-acre Horse Valley Creek and Wetland Restoration Project, a joint project of the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy and East Bay Regional Park District is a wetland and riparian restoration project located on the Roddy Ranch preserve, which is an acquisition property of the Conservancy. The Project goals are to restore the site’s historic function and remove artificial alterations that have impacted site hydrology and habitat quality to help meet the goals of the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Communities Conservation Plan.

The project created new wetland habitats where none previously existed. 37 pools totaling over 2- acres of restored seasonal wetland habitat were created, and 4,150 linear feet of intermittent stream channel were restored by filling and realigning an existing heavily incised and disturbed artificial channel An existing paved access road and portions of the existing artificial channel were both decommissioned to aid in the restoration of the site’s hydrologic conditions and historic habitat. Nomad has conducted 3 years of annual monitoring and reporting, as well as quarterly site visits to survey for invasive weeds, planting success, and direct any adaptive management actions including additional seeding and invasive weed control.

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