Contra Costa County: On-call Biological Consulting Services

Nomad has held an on-call biological services contract with the Contra Costa County Department of Public Works (CCCDPW) since 2008, through three on-call contract cycles. Nomad has completed numerous projects for Contra Costa County including Alhambra Valley Road Safety Improvements, Balfour Road Shoulder Widening, Canal Road Bridge Repair, Clifton Court Bridge Repair, Clyde Pedestrian Path, Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Bridge, Kirker Pass Road Overlay, Lower Sand Creek Basin Interim Excavation, Marsh Creek Road Safety Improvements, Marsh Creek Road Bridge 142 Wingwall Repair, Morgan Territory Road Bridge Replacement, Serafix Basin, Sycamore Creek Rock and Silt Removal, Vasco Road Safety Improvements, and Vasco Road - Camino Diablo Intersection Improvement, Byron Highway Safety Improvements, among others.

For these projects, Nomad has provided a variety of services including baseline surveys, Planning Survey Report preparation, rare plant surveys, wetland delineations, construction monitoring, restoration monitoring, and permitting support. We assess and document the potential project impacts and provide recommendations to minimize impacts on sensitive natural habitats and communities, special-status wildlife, fish, and plant species in accordance with the Federal and State Environmental Species Acts, California Public Resources Code, East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Communities Conservation Plan (HCP/NCCP), and federal and state Clean Water Acts, Caltrans Standard Environmental Reference, and any other applicable regulations; conduct preconstruction surveys, and monitor construction. Other services we provide include arboriculture, mitigation/restoration design and monitoring, and wetland delineations. We also ensure compliance with CCCDPW’s Routine Maintenance Agreement (RMA) with CDFW, performing sensitive species surveys and biological monitoring for species such as burrowing owl, California red-legged frog, western pond turtle, Swainson’s hawks, and nesting birds. Nomad biologists provide the maintenance crew with an annual RMA training covering all local sensitive species that are included in the RMA, including best management practices for avoiding impacts to sensitive species and habitats.

The majority of County projects we have worked on result in impacts to aquatic resources based on the nature of the project including culvert repair, road widenings, bridges, creek bank repair, detention basin expansion etc, which require permitting through numerous regulatory agencies including the East Contra Costa HCP, as well as restoration and monitoring requirements. Nomad understands the requirements of the regulatory agencies in order to secure permits. Nomad has experience permitting projects through the East Contra Costa County HCP which require detailed and nuanced impact calculations for impacts to creeks, and payment of fees based on impacts to linear feet of stream impacts and area of riparian impacts. Nomad prepares revegetation plans for submittal to the regulatory agencies that contain the appropriate level of restoration effort for the impacts that will occur. Nomad oversees restoration implementation which often includes willow planting, seeding, and invasive weed control. Nomad monitors the site and provides experienced recommendations on management to ensure the site is successful and can be closed out in a timely manner.

Location: Contra Costa County
Client: Contra Costa County Department of Public Works

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