Unnamed slough on the Knightsen project

Knightsen Wetland and Restoration and Flood Protection Project

The Knightsen Wetland Restoration and Flood Protection Project is a multi-objective effort on a 639-acre property to attenuate flooding in the community of Knightsen, restore a mosaic of wetland and upland habitats for special status species, provide water quality benefits, and provide recreation and Delta access. This project will contribute to the conservation goals of the East Contra Costa County HCP/NCCP.The project area contains an unnamed tidally influenced slough which is a tributary to Werner Dredger Cut which flows into Rock Slough which drains into the San Joaquin River Delta.

Nomad completed baseline biological surveys including a Biological Resources Assessment, Wetland Delineation Report, Rare Plant Surveys, and Invasive Weed Mapping as part of the planning phase of this project.

Nomad is contracted to contribute to the next planning phase of the project including providing input on restoration conceptual alternatives, conducting an analysis of covered and other special-species benefits of the conceptual alternatives, providing input on appropriate vegetation community distribution, and assessing wetland function.

Nomad is currently under contract to prepare the biological section of the CEQA document, prepare permit applications for the project including an East Contra Costa County HCP/NCCP Planning Survey Report (PSR) for the project (which is the permit for ECCC HCP/NCCP Take Coverage), a U.S Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit - ECCC HCP/NCCP Regional General Permit (RGP) 1 Application, and a Biological Assessment (BA) for the project in support of Section 7 formal consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

PROJECT LOCATION: Knightsen, Contra Costa County
CLIENT: East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy

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