Ironhouse Sanitary District’s (ISD) Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project

Ironhorse Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
San Joaquin River where culvert outfalls were replaced by Ironhouse Sanitary District.

Ironhouse Sanitary District’s expanded their Wastewater Treatment Plant located in the City of Oakley and unincorporated Contra Costa County, California. The study area was approximately 5.5 miles long, beginning at the existing ISD treatment facility in the City of Oakley and ending on Jersey Island at the north end of Jersey Island Road at the San Joaquin River.

Nomad completed a wetland delineation and rare plant surveys for the project. The wetland delineation was challenging as it included wastewater treatment wetlands, manipulated drainage ditches that drain groundwater and wastewater treatment water, and areas of the San Joaquin River. The wetland delineation was used to secure permits from US. Army Corps of Engineers and Regional Water Quality Control Board, as well as identify habitat in suppor of the USFWS Biological Opinion.

PROJECT LOCATION: City of Oakley and unincorporated Contra Costa County
CLIENT: Ironhouse Sanitary District

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