Ecology Photo of the Month

The Morgan Fire of 2013 burned nearly 3,000 acres primarily on the east and south sides of Mount Diablo. In the spring of 2014 Nomad Ecology conducted a post-fire study of fire-following annual plants. In several of their plots fire poppy (Papaver californicum) was observed - an exciting find! Fire poppies haven’t been seen on Mount Diablo since after the 1977 fire, nearly 40 years ago.  


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    Ecology Services Overview

    Services offered by Nomad complement the goals of non-profit groups, privately owned companies, State and federal agencies, and local municipalities. Our services enrich the knowledge of land and resource managers, non-governmental organizations, and the general public to facilitate meaningful stewardship-driven land management.

    Nomad routinely conducts multilevel analyses ranging from due diligence and feasibility assessments to comprehensive multifaceted biological resource assessments, impact analyses, and restoration, mitigation, and resource management plans. Our expertise comprise botany, plant ecology, arboriculture, wetlands, sensitive habitats, wildlife and fisheries biology, habitat restoration, invasive species control, spatial analysis, and habitat modeling.

    Nomad employs a variety of sampling and survey techniques when performing wetland delineations and conducting natural-resource assessments, vegetation community analyses, tree surveys, and special-status focused botanical and wildlife surveys.


    Our core ecology and environmental services include…


    Biology Services

    Biological Research Studies
    Biological Resource Assessments
    Biological Reconnaissance
    Due Diligence and Peer Review
    Focused Species Surveys and Floristic Studies
    Wildlife Movement Corridor Analysis
    Wetland Delineations


    Regulatory Services

    Regulatory Permitting and Consultation
    Natural Environmental Studies
    NEPA/CEQA Planning and Compliance
    Environmental Impacts Analysis
    Mitigation Planning and Implementation
    Mitigation Land Reconnaissance
    Mitigation and Monitoring Programs
    Regulatory Agency Consultation
    Construction and Regulatory Compliance Monitoring



    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Data Analysis
    Geographic Positioning System (GPS) Data Collection & Field Mapping



    Tree Surveys and Inventories
    Tree Preservation Plans
    Pre, During and Post Construction Monitoring



    Scientific / Academic / Historical
    Digital Mapping Projects / Data Analysis
    Camera Tracking Studies
    Species-Specific Studies
    Local & International Research Studies
    Technical Reports / Scientific and Academic Journal Articles
    Workshops / Presentations