Ecology Photo of the Month

The Morgan Fire of 2013 burned nearly 3,000 acres primarily on the east and south sides of Mount Diablo. In the spring of 2014 Nomad Ecology conducted a post-fire study of fire-following annual plants. In several of their plots fire poppy (Papaver californicum) was observed - an exciting find! Fire poppies haven’t been seen on Mount Diablo since after the 1977 fire, nearly 40 years ago.  


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    Digitized Field Survey Forms


    WETLAND DELINEATION [Revised: 07.02.07]
    Arid West Region Wetland Delineation Form
    ( * see note below)

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Environmental Laboratory “Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual: Arid West Region”.

    Among the supplement’s features is the Wetland Determination Data Form, which includes worksheets to calculate the Dominance Test and Prevalence Index to determine whether hydrophytic vegetation indicators are present.

    Nomad developed a digital Adobe Acrobat XML PDF version of the Arid West Region’s Wetland Determination Data Form that performs the worksheet’s calculations (for all fields highlighted in grey) simultaneous to data entry.



    Among the digital Wetland Determination Data Form’s features are:

    • Automatic calculations for the Dominance Test and Prevalence Index worksheets based on user-entered data.
    •Automatic calculations to determine whether or not the hydrophytic vegetation indicators meet the Dominance Test and Prevalence Index based on user-entered data.
    • Automatic calculations of absolute cover within each stratum based on user-entered data.
    • Hierarchical tabbing to streamline data entry.


    *A full version of Adobe Acrobat is necessary in order to fill out, save, and print completed XML PDF survey forms; Adobe Acrobat Reader users will not be able to save forms to their computer.