Ecology Photo of the Month

The Morgan Fire of 2013 burned nearly 3,000 acres primarily on the east and south sides of Mount Diablo. In the spring of 2014 Nomad Ecology conducted a post-fire study of fire-following annual plants. In several of their plots fire poppy (Papaver californicum) was observed - an exciting find! Fire poppies haven’t been seen on Mount Diablo since after the 1977 fire, nearly 40 years ago.  


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    Keying With the Jepson Manual

    Nomad Principal and Senior Botanist will be giving a workshop on “Learning to Key With the Jepson Manual” This two-day course will help participants become familiar with this tome of botanical information in both classroom and field settings. Topics covered in the course include an overview of botanical terminology; navigating dichotomous keys; understanding species descriptions, ranges, and habitats; and applying what we have learned in the field.