Critically Endangered Wildflower Discovered at Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve - Plant on the Brink of Extinction 
Friday, September 9, 2016 at 8:09AM
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In 2005, the presumed extinct Mount Diablo buckwheat (Eriogonum truncatum)  was rediscovered at Mount Diablo after not being seen since 1936. Since 2005 it has been struggling to survive until now. In May, Heath Bartosh and Brian Peterson of Nomad Ecology were conducting botanical surveys on East Bay Regional Park District’s Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve and found a second population of the Mount Diablo buckwheat. Unlike the sparse population of 100-200 plants at Mount Diablo, the new discovery site was estimated to include approximately 1.8 million plants – but in just two patches totaling approximately a half acre. 

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